Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Coated minute steaks - Panerade minutbiffar

Panerade minutbiffar

Minute steaks can very well be coated before frying. This makes them extra juicy and tasty. Here, they’re served with a hearty cream sauce.

4 servings

4 minute steaks
2/3 cup dried breadcrumbs
½ tsp salt
dash white pepper
1 beaten egg
3 to 4 tbsps butter or margarine

Cream sauce:
2 tbsps flour
1 cup meat bouillon
2/3 cup cream, 15% fat
½ to 1 tsp Chinese soy sauce
salt, white pepper

chopped parsley

Flatten out the thin meat slices slightly with your palm. Mix breadcrumbs and spices on a plate. Dip the meat in egg and then in the breadcrumb mixture. Melt the fat in a frying pan and fry the meat on both sides on medium heat until golden brown and done. Transfer to a serving plate and keep warm.

Beat the flour into the pan and dilute with bouillon and cream. Simmer for a couple of minutes on low heat, then flavour to taste with soy sauce, salt and pepper. Pour some of the sauce over the meat, sprinkle with parsley and serve, with remaining sauce in a separate bowl.

Serve with mashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes and a cabbage salad with cucumber sticks, grated carrots, sweet peppers and fresh lemon juice.




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