Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fillet of pork party style casserole - Festens filégryta

Festens filégryta

Invite some friends for a party and serve this luxurious casserole with pork fillet and mushrooms. Doesn’t it sound yummy?

4 servings

1 1/3 lbs fillet of pork
7 oz small, fresh mushrooms
3 tbsps butter or margarine
1 tbsp crushed rosé pepper
good ¾ cup whipping cream
good ¾ cup water
½ meat bouillon cube
3 tbsps chili sauce
1½ to 2 tbsps Dijon mustard
1½ tsps Chinese soy sauce
½ tsp salt
dash black pepper
1 tbsp Maizena or cornflour
1 tbsp water
16 to 20 black olives

Cut the pork in even-sized pieces and trim the mushrooms. Melt 2 tbsps fat in a frying pot and brown the meat until coloured. Flavour with salt and pepper. Take up the meat, melt remaining fat in the pot and sizzle the mushrooms for a couple of minutes. Sprinkle with rosé pepper and blend in cream, water, crumbled bouillon cube, chili sauce, mustard, soy sauce, salt and pepper. Let it all simmer slowly for 10 minutes or so.

Stir the Maizena with remaining water and beat the thickening into the pot. Put the meat back and add olives. Boil for another couple of minutes, flavour to taste and adjust if necessary.

Serve and enjoy, preferably with raw-fried potato wedges and a salad.




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